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PTB participates in large-scale EU project for the development of the semiconductor industry


The kick-off meeting for the project "Seven Nanometre Technology" (SeNaTe) has recently taken place on the occasion of IMEC in Leuven and within the scope of the EU programme "Horizon 2020" in the ECSEL call 2014-2 "Innovation Actions". PTB is one among 41 partners taking part in the 3-year project for the development of the technological infrastructure for the manufacturing of semiconducting components using the 7 nm technology. Hereby, it is planned to create the technological infrastructure required for lithography with radiation around 13.5 nm wavelength (EUV) in volume production. Besides large companies such as Carl Zeiss and ASML, also numerous SMEs and research institutes – among which 15 from Germany – are taking part. The total funding sum from the EU and from national co-financing amounts to approx. 65 million euros.

Within the scope of this project, PTB, with its long years of expertise in EUV radiometry, is contributing to this project by characterizing optical components and detectors and by providing advice when it comes to setting up the metrological infrastructure. Reciprocally, being involved in such a large-scale industrial project will help PTB to further develop its metrological capabilities based on synchrotron radiation at the storage rings BESSY II and MLS in Berlin-Adlershof in an application-oriented way and to strengthen its worldwide leading position in this field.


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