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262nd PTB Seminar "EUV Metrology"


The new EUV beamline at the electron storage ring Metrology Light Source was commissioned this summer. Given this important event, Working Group "EUV Radiometry" is organising a PTB-Seminar on EUV Metrology. This seminar aims to present the measurement capabilities provided by the new beamline in the EUV range to PTB's numerous partners from fundamental research and industry and to promote exchange among experts. The seminar is open to all interested scientists and engineers from the field of EUV metrology. This seminar will be organised with the kind support of our industrial partners: ASML, BESTEC, Bruker and Carl Zeiss SMT as well as the Helmholtz Funds.


F. Scholze, 7.22, e-mail: Frank.Scholze(at)ptb.de