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First light at the EUV beamline of the Metrology Light Source


Figure 1: Radiant power distribution of the focussed zero spectral order photon beam in the plane of the entrance aperture of the new EUV beamline. In the zero order, an image of the stored electron beam is created here. The size of the measured image (2 mm FWHM horizontally and 1 mm vertically) agrees fairly well with the nominal values for the beam size and the magnification of the optical design.

With its future use in semiconductor lithography, radiation in the wavelength range around 13.5 nm (EUV) has become particularly important. The characterization of EUV optical components has therefore been one of the major tasks in the Opens external link in new windowPTB laboratory at the storage ring BESSY II for many years. The PTB supports the development of this future technology in Germany within its scientific cooperations with Zeiss SMT, AMTC in Dresden, and other companies. For the further improvement and extension of its EUV measurement capabilities, PTB will use in the near future the optimized radiation of the Opens external link in new windowMetrology Light Source (MLS) at a new dedicated EUV beamline. An essential milestone for the installation of this beamline is now achieved with the first observation of monochromatized radiation in November 2010 (Figure 1). It proves the functionality of all components. The detailed testing and optimization scheduled for next months, will allow for the transfer of the dedicated Opens external link in new windowEUV reflectometer from BESSY II to the MLS.


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