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Arrangement of Braunbek coils for compensation of the three components of the Earth's magnetic field

The Earth's magnetic field at PTB


Sensor hut
The Earth's magnetic field measurement hut at PTB
Geoposition: 52° 17.500' N   10° 27.948' E
Altitude above sea level: 83 m

At PTB's campus in Braunschweig the Earth's magnetic field is measured continuously. The data are required for the compensation of the Earth's magnetic field when sensitive measuring tasks are carried out.
In a magnetically undisturbed area in the woods at PTB's site, the Earth's magnetic field can be measured in a small wooden hut with special magnetometers.

Diagram of current data

In this diagram the Earth's magnetic field over the previous three days is shown with the current datapoint at the end. The Total Intensity as the Flux Density in nanotesla (nT) over time (CET/CEST) is displayed. The diagram is updated as one measured value per minute.
To indicate information on single datapoints hover the cursor to the point of interest on the chart's line.