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91. General Conditions of Purchase  
Date: 22.01.2020
Percental score: 2 %
As of 2019-06-13 General Conditions of Purchase General Conditions of Purchase of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) As of: 13 June 2019 1. General For the contractual relationship  
92. LMKM V3 Part2 Englisch 2020  
Date: 17.01.2020
Percental score: 1 %
LMKM V3 Part2 Englisch 2020 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Medical metrology Guidelines for metrological verifications of medical devices with a measuring function (Edition 3.0) Part  
93. GIXRF  
Date: 16.01.2020
Percental score: 8 %
GIXRF In X-ray fluorescence analysis, electrons from inner atomic shells are excited by incident X-ray photons. The subsequent decay of these excited states leads to the emission of element-specific  
94. Aus der metrologischen Welt 2019  
Date: 16.01.2020
Percental score: 1 %
PTB Mitteilungen 2019, Heft 4 PTB Mitteilungen 2019, Heft 4 Aus der metrologischen Welt 2019 mitteilungen 4 2019 Aus der metrologischen Welt 2019 ■ ■ ■ ■ in kleiner Beitrag zur Uhr-Geschichte E PTB-Zeit in  
95. RDI – an efficient model observer for quality assurance in the field of X-ray computed tomography (CT)  
Date: 20.12.2019
Percental score: 4 %
Mathematical model observers are used to determine the image quality of computed tomography (CT) scanners. In a joint research project of two of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt’s (PTB’s)  
96. 2019-12-19_WERAN_plus_Stand_der_Forschung_.pdf  
Date: 19.12.2019
Percental score: 1 %
Projekt WERAN plus - Stand der Forschung - Dr. T. Schrader Braunschweig, 19.12.2019 Projektteam WERAN plus Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt FB Hochfrequenz und Felder Verbundkoordinator Dir.  
97. Literature  
Date: 09.12.2019
Percental score: 5 %
Literature Basic reference F. Spieweck, H. Bettin: Review: Solid and liquid density determination. tm - Technisches Messen 59 (1992), 237-244; 285-292 In German, the more recent  
98. Developments of high resolution CD/3D AFMS  
Date: 25.09.2019
Percental score: 6 %
Developments of high resolution CD/3D AFMs The traceable calibration of 3D geometry of complex nanostructures still remains as a challenging task today. In this working group, new traceable route  
99. PTB News 2/2019  
Date: 11.09.2019
Percental score: 1 %
PTB News 2/2019, English edition, Issue August 2019 PTB News 2/2019 news 2 Scientific Newsletter Three times a year, PTB News provides topical information from the varied spectrum of activities of  
100. Eval Tun PV QI Summary en final  
Date: 18.07.2019
Percental score: 6 %
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