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71. Ringvergleich HF-Spannung Draft B  
Date: 30.09.2010
Percental score: 2 %
Ringvergleich HF-Spannung Draft B Nationaler Ringvergleich HF-Spannung 2008/2009 Draft B-Report Stand: 22.06.2010 Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt, Arbeitsgruppe 2.22 Bundesallee 100, 38116  
72. 842_dynamik_Sensors_2010_10_7621  
Date: 11.10.2010
Percental score: 4 %
The compensation of LTI systems and the evaluation of the according uncertainty is of growing interest in metrology. Uncertainty evaluation in metrology ought to follow specific guidelines, and  
73. LB8 5 2004 1Anf Kat  
Date: 18.10.2010
Percental score: 1 %
LB8 5 2004 1Anf Kat Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig und Berlin Fachbereich Metrologische Informationstechnik Laborbericht PTB-8.5-2004-1 Online-Wahlsysteme für  
74. empfehlung wiss praxis 0198  
Date: 27.10.2010
Percental score: 1 %
empfehlung wiss praxis 0198 Empfehlungen der Kommission "Selbstkontrolle in der Wissenschaft" Vorschläge zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis Januar 1998 Vorwort Ein in der Öffentlichkeit im  
75. News from the OIML  
Date: 04.11.2010
Percental score: 8 %
From September 21 to 24, 2010, the 45th meeting of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) took place in Orlando, Florida (USA). From September 21 to 24, 2010, the 45th meeting of  
76. PTB News 2/2010  
Date: 30.11.2010
Percental score: 1 %
PTB News 2/2010, English edition, Issue November 2010 PTB News 2/2010 news 2/2010 The Science Newsletter of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Scientific News Please blow! Alcohol breath  
Date: 03.12.2010
Percental score: 2 %
MRI UWB RSI REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 80, 014302 共2009兲 Combining magnetic resonance imaging and ultrawideband radar: A new concept for multimodal biomedical imaging F. Thiel,1,a兲 M. Hein,2  
78. UWB EKG 2009  
Date: 03.12.2010
Percental score: 2 %
UWB EKG 2009 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 80, 114302 共2009兲 Non-contact detection of myocardium’s mechanical activity by ultrawideband RF-radar and interpretation applying electrocardiography F.  
79. Minimum target size for ultrasound power measurements in focussed fields  
Date: 14.01.2011
Percental score: 13 %
The minimum target size for power measurements in focussed ultrasonic fields with circular symmetry has been computed; such fields occur in medical diagnostics and in high-intensity therapeutic  
80. 2009 PTBM 119,3 50a DCF77 engl  
Date: 18.01.2011
Percental score: 2 %
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