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1. SOHO space probe permits better understanding of the sun and of its influence on the earth's atmosphere  
Date: 13.12.1995
Percental score: 8 %
On December 2, 1995, the SOHO space probe (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) was successfully started from Cape Canaveral. On board are instruments for measuring the solar vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV)  
2. Discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel 100 years ago - "Radioactivity" laboratory of PTR/PTB founded as early as 1912  
Date: 20.02.1996
Percental score: 6 %
On February 24, 1896, Henri Becquerel reported before the Académie des Sciences in Paris that a specific uranium-bearing crystal which had been brought to shine under the action of sunlight and had  
3. PTB Seminar on the international comparability of pH value measurements  
Date: 18.09.1996
Percental score: 9 %
As a measure of the acid or alkaline quality of a solution, the pH value is an important measurand as, among other things, in process technology, medicine and environmental protection. The  
4. Touring exhibition on Hermann von Helmholtz  
Date: 13.06.1997
Percental score: 9 %
This year it is 50 years since the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) was established in Braunschweig. On this occasion, a series of events will be held from July 3 to 5, 1997. On July 3,  
5. The PTB at the Sinsheim Control from May 12 to 15, 1998  
Date: 05.05.1998
Percental score: 5 %
From May 12 to 15, 1998, at the Control at Sinsheim, more than 600 exhibitors will present for the 12th time recent develop-ments and trends in the field of quality assurance and production control.  
6. New Testing Instructions for instruments for measuring the carbon dioxide content in fuel gases  
Date: 06.11.1998
Percental score: 17 %
Instruments which measure the carbon dioxide content in fuel gases combined, with volume correctors, serve to determine the compressibility coefficient of fuel gases in accordance with procedures  
7. In the thicket of standards – hurdle race for export firms  
Date: 12.02.1999
Percental score: 8 %
Not always and not everywhere is the test mark of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) a magic formula like "Open, sesame!". All manufacturers of so-called explosion-protected  
8. New description of the dead layer of germanium detectors in gamma spectrometry  
Date: 18.03.2004
Percental score: 7 %
Gammaspektrometrische Messungen an einer speziellen Klasse von Radionukliden (z.B. 133Ba und 152Eu) in Nahgeometrie zeigen in Abhängigkeit vom verwendeten Detektortyp ungewöhnliche Linienformen im  
9. Determination of response functions with the aid of unfolding procedures  
Date: 18.03.2004
Percental score: 8 %
In dem von der EC unterstützten Vorhaben EVIDOS ("Evaluation of Individual Dosimetry in Mixed Neutron and Photon Radiation Fields") sind sieben Europäische Institute beteiligt (PTB, IRSN,  
10. 2004 Peik - PRL 93 170801 Limit  
Date: 29.10.2004
Percental score: 3 %
2004 Peik - PRL 93 170801 Limit VOLUME 93, N UMBER 17 PHYSICA L R EVIEW LET T ERS week ending 22 OCTOBER 2004 Limit on the Present Temporal Variation of the Fine Structure Constant E. Peik, B.  
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