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61. Lothar Cremer Prize Winner 2009: Volker Wittstock  
Date: 24.04.2009
Percental score: 11 %
On 24.3.2009 Volker Wittstock was awarded the Lothar Cremer Prize of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (German Acoustical Society) on the occasion of the annual conference on acoustics in  
62. Modernization and development of the CORADOS (COsmic RAdiation DOSimetry Site) reference measurement site  
Date: 23.12.2021
Percental score: 11 %
CORADOS, the secondary cosmic radiation reference measurement site that is located at a lake in the northwest of Braunschweig, Germany, has been equipped with two ultra‑modern gamma‑radiation  
63. Helmholtz Prize 2014  
Date: 04.12.2018
Percental score: 11 %
With the Helmholtz Prize, outstanding scientific and technical research work in the field of metrology has been honoured since 1973. It is awarded in the field of precision measurements in physics,  
64. All over the world – weighing instruments made in Germany  
Date: 16.11.2009
Percental score: 11 %
Every third weighing instrument worldwide is "Made in Germany". The large market share of Germany's weighing instrument industry reflects the good reputation of its products – they are  
65. TWI Publications  
Date: 07.06.2019
Percental score: 11 %
Selected References: [1]    I. Fortmeier,  M. Stavridis, A. Wiegmann, M. Schulz, W. Osten, C. Elster, Evaluation of absolute form measurements using a tilted-wave interferometer,  
66. kcs09 en  
Date: 08.03.2011
Percental score: 11 %
kcs09 en K-40 and Cs-137 in ground-level air in Braunschweig 2009 1,0 60 New Year's Eve firework (KClO4) week 14 - 24: much pollen week 26: begin grain harvest week 43: dry, wind from  
67. Si-Cantilever sensors  
Date: 13.02.2017
Percental score: 11 %
Si-Cantilever sensors Commercially available cantilevers with piezoresistive deflection detection were tested for use as roughness sensor at vertical sidewalls of micro structures with high aspect  
68. Stand 2016 01 20  
Date: 20.01.2016
Percental score: 10 %
Stand 2016 01 20 Liste der ausgesprochenen Duldung der Bestandstauchhülsen im Feld identifizierbar zusätzlich Merkmale Status: 01-21-20 Ansprechpartner: Herr Dr. Jürgen Rose  
69. Inhaltsverzeichnis65.Seminar  
Date: 28.09.2009
Percental score: 10 %
Inhaltsverzeichnis65.Seminar 65. Seminar „Geschwindigkeitsmessungen im Straßenverkehr“ 02. und 03. Oktober 1985 in der PTB Braunschweig C.-H.- Lührs, PTB: Geschwindigkeitsmessung im Straßenverkehr A.  
70. QM2 Serie5  
Date: 22.11.2016
Percental score: 10 %
QM2 Serie5 Quantenmechanik II Übungsserie 5 Wintersemester 16/17 Abgabe am 24.11.2016 Andrey Surzhykov Robert Müller Aufgabe 1 (Auswahlregeln für einen Quadrupolübergang) (2  
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