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151. PTB Mitt 2015 R Laser ENG  
Date: 23.01.2017
Percental score: 4 %
PTB Mitt 2015 R Laser ENG Special Issue • PTB-Mitteilungen 124 (2014), No. 3 / 4 Metrology for X-ray Lasers Metrology for X-ray Lasers Mathias Richter*, Alexander Gottwald, Michael Krumrey Since  
152. PTB 8.51 MB04 RiskAnalyse EN V11  
Date: 27.06.2022
Percental score: 4 %
PTB 8.51 MB04 RiskAnalyse EN V11 Working group 8.51 “Metrological Software“ Last revision: June 23, 2022 Leaflet: Software Risk Assessment – Guidelines for Manufacturers 1 Introduction The aim of  
153. Accelerator physics: Experiment reveals new options for synchrotron light sources  
Date: 25.02.2021
Percental score: 4 %
Experimental set-up An international team has shown through a sensational experiment how diverse the possibilities for employing synchrotron light sources are. Accelerator experts from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin  
154. Quantum Computer Developers Collaborating  
Date: 06.12.2021
Percental score: 4 %
Quantum computers promise unprecedented computing power for applications where data processors based on “zeros and ones” can only fail. 25 partners from research institutes and industrial partners  
155. Forschungsvorhaben  
Date: 10.04.2015
Percental score: 4 %
Aus dem Jahresbericht 2013 Forschungsvorhaben Forschungsvorhaben Abteilung 4, Optik Neu bewilligte Forschungsvorhaben Verfahren zur Rückführung von flasher-kalibrierten Solarzellen und Modulen  
156. Mass determination of two new 28Si spheres in vacuum in preparation of the redefinition of the kilogram  
Date: 01.11.2017
Percental score: 4 %
A relative standard uncertainty (k = 1) of 6.1 × 10−9 was achieved for the mass determination in vacuum of two silicon spheres manufactured from a new 28Si crystal. The measurements  
157. The half-life of Se-79  
Date: 13.07.2010
Percental score: 5 %
Within the scope of a cooperation of several institutes, the half-life of the long-lived isotope Se-79 could be determined with a clearly improved uncertainty. PTB has contributed in particular by  
158. FPM Seminar  
Date: 23.08.2022
Percental score: 5 %
The institute seminar is held on tuesdays at 4pm in the seminar room of RZB10. Due to the coronavirus, the seminar is currently held online. Upcoming seminar Speaker (tba): Title (tba) Date  
159. Alanine dosimetry - from metrology to therapy?  
Date: 09.08.2007
Percental score: 5 %
A commercial, compact ESR spectrometer intended for use in industrial alanine dosimetry was investigated with respect to its possible use in radiation therapy dosimetry. If data analysis procedures  
160. Neutron monitor AGREM – test measurements in pulsed radiation fields  
Date: 31.10.2014
Percental score: 5 %
The neutron monitor AGREM, developed at PTB, has been tested in different pulsed radiation fields and compared with other neutron monitors. Whereas commercial monitors exhibited a saturation  
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