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  • 131. Atomic fundamental parameters verified  
    Date: 01.06.2015
    Percental score: 8 %
    By means of improved measurement procedures, PTB employees from the field of spectrometry with synchrotron radiation have succeeded – in cooperation with partners from industry – in experimentally  
  • 132. SOHO space probe permits better understanding of the sun and of its influence on the earth's atmosphere  
    Date: 13.12.1995
    Percental score: 8 %
    On December 2, 1995, the SOHO space probe (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) was successfully started from Cape Canaveral. On board are instruments for measuring the solar vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV)  
  • 133. News from the OIML  
    Date: 04.11.2010
    Percental score: 7 %
    From September 21 to 24, 2010, the 45th meeting of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) took place in Orlando, Florida (USA). From September 21 to 24, 2010, the 45th meeting of  
  • 134. For students  
    Date: 13.11.2023
    Percental score: 7 %
    Quantum Theory II (WS 23/24) Dates: Lecture: Monday 09:45 - 11:15 and Thursday 09:45 - 11:15 (Beginning 23.10.) Tutorial: Wednesday 09:45 - 11:15 (Beginning 30.10.) You find all information  
  • 135. Operation of the ion accelerators by Department 6.4  
    Date: 15.01.2007
    Percental score: 7 %
    The department operates two ion accelerators: a Van-de-Graaff linear accelerator and a compact cyclotron. In the period from October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006, the two accelerators were used for  
  • 136. Annex 1 Devices of the core facility  
    Date: 03.05.2017
    Percental score: 7 %
    Annex 1 Devices of the core facility Technical equipment a) Magnetic shielding: − In 2004 the actively and passively shielded room BMSR-2 BMSR 2 was put into operation with seven Mu-metal metal  
  • 137. Publications  
    Date: 14.10.2022
    Percental score: 7 %
    Harren née Hoffmann, Lara: "Investigating deep ensembles for the tilted-wave interferometer", Dissertation, Technische Universität Berlin, (2022),  
  • 138. Pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard with an output voltage of 2.25 VRMS  
    Date: 28.11.2017
    Percental score: 7 %
    Frequency spectrum and time domain of a sine waveform synthesized with a frequency To increase the output voltage of the pulse-driven Josephson voltage standard, 16 arrays, implemented on 8 chips, were connected in series. This configuration leads to the operation of 162,000  
  • 139. Aerosol metrology for atmospheric research and air quality  
    Date: 21.09.2023
    Percental score: 7 %
    The accurate dimensional and analytical characterization of aerosols - finely dispersed particles in gases such as air - is of increasing importance for environmental research, but also in industry.  
  • 140. Order form for irradiations  
    Date: 28.07.2022
    Percental score: 7 %
    Order form for irradiations Order form for the irradiation of passive dosemeter badges The badges will be irradiated according to the specifications formulated in this order. The customer will obtain  
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