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111. Report head of Division 7  
Date: 15.01.2015
Percental score: 3 %
Report head of Division 7 Division 7 Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation The Division Temperature and Synchrotron Radiation realizes and disseminates the  
112. Publications of the Working Group 6.42  
Date: 15.04.2016
Percental score: 3 %
back B. v. Krosigk, M. Chen, S. Hans, A. R. Junghans, T. Kögler, C. Kraus, L. Kuckert, X. Liu, R. Nolte, H. M. O’Keeffe,  
113. 2011 01 neu Rapport BIPM-report  
Date: 02.08.2011
Percental score: 3 %
2011 01 neu Rapport BIPM-report Rapport BIPM-2011/01 BUREAU INTERNATIONAL DES POIDS ET MESURES Directive for operational use and data handling in two-way satellite time and frequency transfer  
114. 2005 Piester Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer USNO-PTB  
Date: 24.03.2010
Percental score: 3 %
2005 Piester Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer USNO-PTB Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer Between USNO and PTB D. Piester, A. Bauch, J. Becker, and T. Polewka A. McKinley, L. Breakiron, A. Smith, B.  
115. Publications  
Date: 30.03.2016
Percental score: 3 %
Publications 2006-2007 Bodermann, Bernd ; Buhr, Egbert ; Diener, Alexander ; Dirscherl, Kai ; Ehret, Gerd ; Frase, Carl Georg ; Wurm, Matthias: Aspects and new developments on edge angle and edge  
116. PTB Mitt 2015 Reflektometrie ENG  
Date: 23.01.2017
Percental score: 3 %
PTB Mitt 2015 Reflektometrie ENG Special Issue • PTB-Mitteilungen 124 (2014), No. 3 / 4 Reflectometry with Synchrotron Radiation Reflectometry with Synchrotron Radiation Michael Krumrey*, Levent  
117. On-Wafer Microwave measurements  
Date: 12.05.2021
Percental score: 3 %
Publications before 2020   R. G. Clarke, X. Shang, N. M. Ridler, R. Lozar, T. Probst and U. Arz: An interlaboratory study of the reproducibility of on-wafer S-parameter measurements from 140  
118. Figures and Facts 2013  
Date: 26.03.2014
Percental score: 3 %
Aktuelle Statistiken 2013 Zahlen und Fakten Zahlen und Fakten • Figures and Facts Zahlen und Fakten • Figures and Facts Personal: Entwicklung • Staff: development Personelle Entwicklung von 2004 bis  
119. Projects  
Date: 29.04.2016
Percental score: 3 %
IMAGEN - A European study on mental health in teenagers Period: 2007 - 2018 Funding:    EU Partners:    IMAGEN consortium, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin  
120. Tätigkeitsbereiche  
Date: 10.04.2015
Percental score: 3 %
Aus dem Jahresbericht 2013 Tätigkeitsbereiche Tätigkeitsbereiche Abteilung 6, Ionisierende Strahlung 6 Ionisierende Strahlung Dir. U. Prof. Dr. H. Janßen 6.1 Radioaktivität Dir. u. Prof. Dr. D.  
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