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151. High resolution wavelength-dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (RFA)  
Date: 02.10.2018
Percental score: 13 %
High resolution wavelength-dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (RFA) Dr. Burkhard Beckhoff Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt 7.24 Röntgenspektrometrie Abbestraße  
152. Homogeneous MR images  
Date: 04.12.2018
Percental score: 17 %
Especially interesting for The fundamentals of metrology All mass determinations Licence partner wanted Licence partner wanted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at high magnetic fields up  
153. Honorary membership of the Ioffe-Institute St. Petersburg  
Date: 06.02.2020
Percental score: 15 %
The Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg has appointed Prof. Dr. Mathias Richter, Head of PTB Division 7, as honorary member. Since 1992, this honour has also  
154. How many nanoparticles heat the tumour?  
Date: 28.07.2010
Percental score: 5 %
Those who have to fight a powerful enemy must look for allies. This is why physicists from different scientific fields have decided to cooperate with biomedical physicians in order to place the  
155. Hybrid metrology technology for nanostructured surfaces  
Date: 30.07.2018
Percental score: 4 %
The significant challenges posed by the increasing complexity of nanostructured surfaces used in technological applications include the characterization of such surfaces. The importance of complex  
156. imeko welmec  
Date: 28.09.2009
Percental score: 2 %
imeko welmec IMEKO - International Measurement Confederation 18th IMEKO TC3 International Conference Celle, Germany, 24 - 26 September 2002 The New Gravity Zone Concept in Europe for Weighing  
157. i MERA-Plus final publishable report v1.0  
Date: 20.08.2012
Percental score: 1 %
i MERA-Plus final publishable report v1.0 P PROJ ECT FINA AL RE EPOR RT Grant A Agreementt number: 217257 Projectt acronym: us iMERA-Plu Projectt title: opean Reseearch Area Implementiing the  
158. PTB-Deliverable_3-5_and_5-9_BA-TILSAM_V1_2011-04-28  
Date: 12.09.2013
Percental score: 1 %
iMERA-plus project T2.J02 "Breath Analysis" PTB-Deliverable_3-5_and_5-9_BA-TILSAM_V1_2011-04-28 Project cod iMERA-Plus project “Breath Analysis as a tool for early desease detection“ Project code  
159. In the thicket of standards – hurdle race for export firms  
Date: 12.02.1999
Percental score: 6 %
Not always and not everywhere is the test mark of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) a magic formula like "Open, sesame!". All manufacturers of so-called explosion-protected  
160. In-vivo dosimetry with alanine/ESR  
Date: 30.03.2009
Percental score: 4 %
The secondary standard measuring system for the absorbed dose to water on the basis of alanine/ESR was used for in-vivo measurements in the radiotherapy of prostate carcinoma. The investigations were  
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