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101. New high-pressure natural gas test-rig needs a new primary standard  
Date: 26.08.2020
Percental score: 5 %
PTB has developed a new primary standard for the calibration of gas meters using high-pressure natural gas. In future, the so-called high-pressure comparator will form the top of the traceability  
102. 4.21 Form and Wavefront Metrology  
Date: 03.06.2020
Percental score: 7 %
Our working group develops and applies measurement technologies for optical systems for measurements with the smallest possible measurement uncertainty. We determine form measurement with quantities  
103. Criteria and Procedures QS Approval May2020  
Date: 12.05.2020
Percental score: 1 %
Criteria and Procedures QS Approval May2020 Conformity Assessment Body Criteria and procedures for the approval of the quality systems of measuring instruments manufacturers according to • the  
104. Zulassungsliste  
Date: 03.04.2020
Percental score: 1 %
Zulassungsliste Zulassungsnr. § - BeschG Zulassungsinhaber Bezeichnung Kaliber Typ 1-69 7 Karl-Heinz Kerner Apparatebau Mod. 287 9 x 17 Viehschussgerät 1-69 7 Jopp GmbH Mod. 287 9 x  
105. PTB-Jahresbericht 2019  
Date: 31.03.2020
Percental score: 1 %
Jahresbericht aus dem Jahre 2019 als *.pdf-Datei Jahresbericht aus dem Jahre 2019 als *.pdf-Datei PTB-Jahresbericht 2019 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Nationales Metrologieinstitut Jahresbericht 2019 Annual Report 2019 Wenn es um die  
106. Q.24 Building Organization  
Date: 31.03.2020
Percental score: 81 %
Q.24 Building Organization Peggy Schulz Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Q.24 Bauorganisation Bundesallee 100 38116 Braunschweig peggy.schulz@ptb.de (0531) 592-8623  
107. LMKM V3 Part1 Englisch 2020  
Date: 12.03.2020
Percental score: 1 %
LMKM V3 Part1 Englisch 2020 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Medical metrology Guidelines for metrological verifications of medical devices with a measuring function (Edition 3.0) Part  
108. 3D nano-metrology with X-ray fluorescence and scattering techniques  
Date: 03.03.2020
Percental score: 10 %
A new algorithm allows the fast reconstruction of atom distributions in 3D nanostructured surfaces Over the last years, PTB has developed a new method for atom-specific reconstruction of  
109. Pseudochirpcharakterisierung  
Date: 20.02.2020
Percental score: 2 %
Pseudochirpcharakterisierung Robustes Verfahren zur Bestimmung von Porendurchmessern Dorothee Hüser, PTB, Fachgebiet 5.10 1 Einleitung Zur Charakterisierung des Übertragungsverhaltens bzw. der  
110. Honorary membership of the Ioffe-Institute St. Petersburg  
Date: 06.02.2020
Percental score: 15 %
The Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg has appointed Prof. Dr. Mathias Richter, Head of PTB Division 7, as honorary member. Since 1992, this honour has also  
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