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61. QM2 13  
Date: 05.12.2019
Percental score: 6 %
QM2 13 Voraussichtlicher Plan der Kurse No. Datum 1 21.10.19 Einführung 2 24.10.19 Räumliche Symmetrien in Physik und Chemie, Drehimpulsoperator 3 28.10.19 Drehimpulsoperator, formale  
62. Q.24 Building Organization  
Date: 31.03.2020
Percental score: 82 %
Q.24 Building Organization Peggy Schulz Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Q.24 Bauorganisation Bundesallee 100 38116 Braunschweig peggy.schulz@ptb.de (0531) 592-8623  
63. Pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard with an output voltage of 2.25 VRMS  
Date: 28.11.2017
Percental score: 6 %
Frequency spectrum and time domain of a sine waveform synthesized with a frequency To increase the output voltage of the pulse-driven Josephson voltage standard, 16 arrays, implemented on 8 chips, were connected in series. This configuration leads to the operation of 162,000  
64. Publications WG 4.34  
Date: 16.06.2016
Percental score: 3 %
Selected Publications of the Press Auf 19 Stellen genau messen- Präzisionsexperimente mit Glasfasern Überblicksartikel für Werner-von-Siemens-Ring Stiftung (pdf) (German only) PTB am  
65. Publications of the Working Group 6.42  
Date: 15.04.2016
Percental score: 2 %
back B. v. Krosigk, M. Chen, S. Hans, A. R. Junghans, T. Kögler, C. Kraus, L. Kuckert, X. Liu, R. Nolte, H. M. O’Keeffe,  
66. Publications (Department 6.2)  
Date: 29.03.2016
Percental score: 14 %
Department 6.2 Working Group 6.21 Working Group 6.22 Working Group 6.24 Working Group 6.25  
67. Publications  
Date: 30.03.2016
Percental score: 2 %
Publications 2006-2007 Bodermann, Bernd ; Buhr, Egbert ; Diener, Alexander ; Dirscherl, Kai ; Ehret, Gerd ; Frase, Carl Georg ; Wurm, Matthias: Aspects and new developments on edge angle and edge  
68. Publications  
Date: 09.07.2019
Percental score: 5 %
Publications Dai, G., Hahm, K., Scholze, F. et al. 2014 Measurements of CD and sidewall profile of EUV photomask structures using CD-AFM and tilting-AFM, Meas. Sci. Tech., 25(4) Dai, G.,  
69. Publications  
Date: 09.03.2022
Percental score: 3 %
Oliver Slanina, Robert Wynands Measurement uncertainty of a measurement system for dynamic pressure in the kbar regime Meas. Sci. Technol., im Druck (2021) Oliver Slanina, Susanne Quabis,  
70. Publications  
Date: 23.11.2022
Percental score: 2 %
2017 Wendt, G., Schonlau, H., Oldörp, T., Schumann, D., Jahn, T., 2017. Über das Messverhalten von Wasserzählern in kommunalen Versorgungsnetzen. PTB-Report, MA-96 Brinkhorst, S., von Lavante, E.,  
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