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  • 121. Download GUM2DFT  
    Date: 16.02.2022
    Percental score: 7 %
    Name GUM2DFTType PythonDate 24.09.2021 Background The Fourier transform and its counterpart for discrete time signals, the DFT, are common tools in measurement science and application. Although  
  • 122. strhlq  
    Date: 09.01.2015
    Percental score: 7 %
    strhlq Radiation qualities used for studies in radiation protection Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt ISO narrow - spectrum series PTB code A 10 A 15 A 20 A 25 A 30 A 40 A 60 A 80 A 100 A  
  • 123. Differences in the sound reduction in test facilities and in buildings  
    Date: 15.03.2007
    Percental score: 7 %
    It was shown by scaled model measurements that in test facilities, homogeneous building elements have a larger sound reduction than in real buildings. This is a broadband effect which decreases  
  • 124. Detection of anisotropy in the optical constants of quartz crystals for soft X-rays  
    Date: 18.03.2021
    Percental score: 7 %
    Quartz is an important substrate material for semiconductor structures and is used in a wide variety of industrial fields, for example as a substrate for various mirrors, nanostructures or other  
  • 125. Determination of response functions with the aid of unfolding procedures  
    Date: 18.03.2004
    Percental score: 7 %
    In dem von der EC unterstützten Vorhaben EVIDOS ("Evaluation of Individual Dosimetry in Mixed Neutron and Photon Radiation Fields") sind sieben Europäische Institute beteiligt (PTB, IRSN,  
  • 126. Norman Hackerman Young Author Award for PTB researcher Philipp Hönicke  
    Date: 15.10.2012
    Percental score: 7 %
    The ‘2011 Norman Hackerman Young Author Award’ of the Electrochemical Society (ECS) was given to C. Fleischmann, S. Couet (both KU Leuven, Belgium), P. Hönicke (PTB Berlin) and K. Schouteden (IMEC,  
  • 127. Frozen highly-charged ions for highest precision spectroscopy  
    Date: 13.03.2015
    Percental score: 7 %
    A team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig and the University of Aarhus in Denmark demonstrated  
  • 128. Blind test of the alanine dosimetry system  
    Date: 03.12.2012
    Percental score: 7 %
    To check the reliability of the dosimetry system based on alanine/ESR, a blind test was carried out with the support of the BIPM. At a standard uncertainty of approx. 0.4 %, the doses determined are  
  • 129. Measurement uncertainty of the secondary standard measuring facility for the water absorbed dose between 5 Gy and 25 Gy  
    Date: 10.05.2006
    Percental score: 7 %
    The secondary standard measuring facility for the absorbed dose to water in high-energy radiation fields on the basis of Alanin/ESR could be improved by a new probes positioning device. At 5 Gy, the  
  • 130. Liste HKV ab 2014  
    Date: 26.01.2016
    Percental score: 7 %
    Liste HKV ab 2014 Bestätigung von Heizkostenverteilern durch sachverständige Stellen (-Fortsetzung von den PTB-Mitteilungen 123 (2013) Heft 1, S. 146,  
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