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61. Electronic files in perpetuity  
Date: 13.11.2008
Percental score: 12 %
The archiving of millions of dusty files in nearly endless basement shelves can become a thing of the past as soon as a secure digital archiving system exists that stores electronic documents with  
62. Using machine learning techniques for personalized CT dosimetry  
Date: 23.12.2021
Percental score: 12 %
two CT scans of a torso The aim of personalized computed tomography (CT) dosimetry is to obtain an immediate indication of the effective dose following CT imaging. The effective dose is regarded as the measure of the  
63. Praise for European metrology  
Date: 08.05.2012
Percental score: 12 %
European metrology institutes are increasingly succeeding in pooling their expertise and research activities to be able to meet the grand challenges in technology, the economy and health care  
64. Network project on metrology for advanced manufacturing started  
Date: 22.12.2020
Percental score: 12 %
In June 2020 the EMPIR network project "Support for a European Metrology Network on Advanced Manufacturing" was started. This project targets at the strengthening of European manufacturing  
65. CIPM Key Comparisons for natural gas up to 40 bar completed and published  
Date: 10.10.2006
Percental score: 11 %
The successfully conducted CIPM Key Comparisons for natural gas at high pressure have shown the identity of the harmonized European natural gas cubic metre with the CIPM Key Comparison reference  
66. NFDI4Chem  
Date: 05.09.2022
Percental score: 11 %
DFG-Project NFDI4Chem NFDI4Chem is an initiative to build an open and FAIR infrastructure for research data management in chemistry. The vision of NFDI4Chem is to digitize all major steps in chemical  
67. Publications  
Date: 19.01.2017
Percental score: 11 %
Publications Angle Graduations Rezensierte Zeitschriftenartikel   Yandayan, T.; Geckeler, Ralf D.; Aksulu, M.; Akgoz, S. A.; Ozgur, B.: Application of advanced shearing techniques to the  
68. A high-precision view of the sun  
Date: 19.07.2007
Percental score: 11 %
Shortly before the preparations for the next Space Shuttle launch to the International Space Station ISS, the solar-spectroradiometer SOLSPEC stopped by at the PTB in Braunschweig to be precisely  
69. Prototype measuring device for the most minuscule forces  
Date: 22.02.2008
Percental score: 11 %
When chemists want to measure the bonding forces in molecules or other most minuscule forces very accurately, they have to calibrate their measuring instruments (for example the cantilevers, i.e.  
70. Prize for the master of the floating cities  
Date: 16.12.2008
Percental score: 11 %
Thousands of people surround the Ems each time and follow with anticipation when a brand-new ocean giant is navigated centimeter by centimeter towards the free North Sea. Each of these cruise ships  
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