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31. Participation in committees  
Date: 16.02.2022
Percental score: 14 %
Participation in committees IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission   >TC 62: Electrical equipment in medical practice  >SC 62B: Diagnostic imaging equipment    
32. Liste HKV ab 2014  
Date: 26.01.2016
Percental score: 14 %
Liste HKV ab 2014 Bestätigung von Heizkostenverteilern durch sachverständige Stellen (-Fortsetzung von den PTB-Mitteilungen 123 (2013) Heft 1, S. 146,  
33. Order form for irradiations  
Date: 28.07.2022
Percental score: 14 %
Order form for irradiations Order form for the irradiation of passive dosemeter badges The badges will be irradiated according to the specifications formulated in this order. The customer will obtain  
34. 6.43 Neutron Spectrometry  
Date: 25.04.2016
Percental score: 14 %
The Working Group is involved with the realization and dissemination of dose quantities for neutron radiation and operates an irradiation facility with neutron sources and several neutron  
35. DPG Physicist of the Week  
Date: 20.04.2021
Percental score: 14 %
Anni Röse from PTB was featured as DPG Physicist of the week in April, 2021. She studied physics in Göttingen, Germany and received her M.S. degree from the Georg-August University in 2018. Since  
36. Dates  
Date: 29.06.2021
Percental score: 14 %
Joint Research Projekt: Crystalline and self-assembled structures as length standards (CRYSTAL) Training course: Dimensional Standards at Nanoscale 20 - 21 September 2016 PTB, DE  
37. New standard measuring device for small forces  
Date: 07.02.2008
Percental score: 13 %
Measuring instruments which measure and generate very small forces are used with increasing frequency in industrial production. Examples are measuring probes which - together with actuators - are  
38. Order form for calibrations  
Date: 28.07.2022
Percental score: 13 %
Order form for calibrations Order form for calibrations or tests of active dosemeters or secondary standards Only active dosemeters and secondary standards will be calibrated which largely meet  
39. PTB reference measurement method for the concentration of red blood cells internationally accepted  
Date: 01.06.2022
Percental score: 13 %
Accurate measurement of the concentration of cells in blood is important for diagnosis or therapy monitoring of many diseases. The comparability of the measurement results within a laboratory and  
40. Projects  
Date: 31.03.2016
Percental score: 13 %
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