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11. From AI software to surgical robots  
Date: 25.01.2023
AI in medicine (symbolic picture) Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently pushing a large number of innovations in medicine forward. And this area in particular makes us ask a critical question: How do we know if a new AI system is  
12. Standards and guidelines for surface metrology  
Date: 25.01.2023
Percental score: 8 %
DKD-guidelines General DKD guidelines German language:     DKD-R 4-2 Kalibrierung von Geräten und Normalen für die Rauheitsmesstechnik DKD-R 4-2 Blatt 1 "Kalibrieren von  
13. 2.42 Coherent Superconducting Quantum Circuits  
Date: 24.01.2023
Percental score: 8 %
The focus of our group is on coherent superconducting quantum circuits. Such circuits are built up from just four basic ingredients: resistors, capacitors, inductors, and Josephson junctions. But  
14. Team  
Date: 24.01.2023
Michel was born in Braunschweig and grew up in small-town Wendeburg, where he still lives today. After finishing school he started training as a precision mechanic at PTB. Since successfully  
15. Details and application procedure  
Date: 23.01.2023
Percental score: 8 %
MetroSommer 2023 Experience the most accurate summer of your life! We are offering one month of cutting-edge research at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig. PTB,  
16. Metrology for Digital Transformation  
Date: 17.01.2023
Tasks Project and plans in the area of digitisation are strongly interdisciplinary. Therefore, the implementation of these projects often requires novel approaches to project organisation. For  
17. Annual Report  
Date: 17.01.2023
Legal metrology is one of the fundamental tasks of PTB. Apart from 7.5, this also concerns other departments in Division 7. For example, department 7.3 has investigated the emissivity of highly  
18. Department 9.4 - The Team  
Date: 16.01.2023
Anupam Prasad Vedurmudi Expert in mathematical modelling of complex systems Developments in metrology for heterogeneous sensor networks Contact E-Mail:  Anupam Prasad Vedurmudi Telefon: +49  
19. Annex to PTB's Organization Chart  
Date: 13.01.2023
Annex to PTB's Organization Chart ANNEX to Organization Chart of PTB Internal Structure of the Presidential Staff Office Presidential Staff Office WG PSt2 Central Quality Management1 Dr. M.  
20. PTB's Organization Chart  
Date: 13.01.2023
PTB's Organization Chart Organization Chart Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Presidential Board President Vice-president Member of the Presidential Board Prof. Dr. C. Denz Dr. Prof. h.c. F.  
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