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Titel: Nanometrology at PTB in support of process control of nanoscale features in semiconductor manufacturing
Autor(en): B. Bodermann, F. Scholze, J. Flügge, H. Groß and H. Bosse
Journal: International Journal of Nanomanufacturing
Jahr: 2012
Band: 8
Ausgabe: 1
Schlüsselwörter: Nanometrology
Marker: 8.41,Scatter-Inv
Zusammenfassung: We report on recent developments at the PTB in the field of dimensional nanometrology with a special focus on instrumentation, measurement and simulation methods, and standards which are used in semiconductor lithography manufacturing processes. Important dimensional measurands to be controlled precisely during the high volume manufacturing processes of nanoscale features (< 32 nm node) are the positions and widths of features on lithographic masks and wafers as well as the relative positioning or overlay of features.

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