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Titel: Bayesian inference using a noninformative prior for linear Gaussian random coefficient regression with inhomogeneous within-class variances
Autor(en): C. Elster and G. Wübbeler
Journal: Comput. Stat.
Jahr: 2017
Band: 32
Ausgabe: 1
Seite(n): 51--69
DOI: 10.1007/s00180-015-0641-3
Schlüsselwörter: random coefficient regression, Bayesian inference, noninformative prior
Marker: 8.42, Regression
Zusammenfassung: A Bayesian inference for a linear Gaussian random coefficient regression model with inhomogeneous within-class variances is presented. The model is moti- vated by an application in metrology, but it may well find interest in other fields. We consider the selection of a noninformative prior for the Bayesian inference to address applications where the available prior knowledge is either vague or shall be ignored. The noninformative prior is derived by applying the Berger and Bernardo reference prior principle with the means of the random coefficients forming the parameters of interest. We show that the resulting posterior is proper and specify conditions for the existence of first and second moments of the marginal posterior. Simulation results are presented which suggest good frequentist properties of the proposed inference. The calibration of sonic nozzle data is considered as an application from metrology. The proposed inference is applied to these data and the results are compared to those obtained by alternative approaches.

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