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Titel: Optical flatness metrology: 40 years of progress
Autor(en): M. Schulz, A. Wiegmann, A. Marquez and C. Elster
Journal: Opt. Pura Apl
Jahr: 2008
Buchtitel: Opt. Pura Apl
Band: 41
Seite(n): 325
DOI: 10.2971/jeos.2010.10011
Datei / URL: http://www.sedoptica.es/Menu_Volumenes/pdfs/314.pdf
Schlüsselwörter: Deflectometry, Interferometry, Mathematical methods, Metrology, Optical inspection
Marker: 8.42, SimOpt, Form
Zusammenfassung: Optical flatness metrology has improved significantly in the last decades due to novel measurement tools and new math-based methods. An overview is given summarizing the most important optical techniques for flatness metrology at the nanometer level. The capabilities of modern methods such as the interferometric three-flat test accompanied by a computer-aided evaluation, the Traceable Multi Sensor method as an improved stitching method, and difference deflectometry represented by the Extended Shear Angle Difference method are reviewed.
Bemerkung: Open Access

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