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EMPIR Partnering Meetings 2017 at PTB Berlin

General information

The partnering meetings in Berlin 27th to 30th of June were held on the premises of PTB Berlin. Due to the larger number of SRTs the meeting has been split into two blocks with subsequent time windows.

Block 1:   27 June, 13:00, until 28 June, ~15:30
Block 2:   29 June, 13:00, until 30 June, ~15:30

  • Participation via virtual media was not possible
  • A training session (~ 3 hours) on EMPIR projects for all interested parties has been given by a representative of the MSU in the morning before each of the two meeting blocks.

The partnering meetings were financially supported by the Opens external link in new windowHelmholtz Fonds e.V.


Meetings SRT-f01, SRT-f03, SRT-f15 and SRT-i08 were organised independently.

Still open for SRT-f01 and SRT-f15. Registration and contact see below.

Areal photo: PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg
Areal photo: PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg


Status: 07 June 2017

Berlin, 20 June 2017
Registration has been closed

SRT-f03: Metrology for topological spin structures

SRT-i08: Metrology for the dynamics of industrial magnetic sensors and sensor materials


Berlin, 27 - 28 June 2017
Registration has been closed

SRT-f08: Measurement of fundamental nuclear decay data using metallic magnetic calorimeters

SRT-i04: Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry

SRT-i06: Digitisation-ready metrology for drivetrain components

SRT-i10: Metrology for the next generation of modulated radio frequency signals

SRT-i12: Compressed Sensing for dynamic and RF waveforms

SRT-i13: Metrology for real-world domestic water metering

SRT-i19: Procedures allowing medical-implant manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with MRI safety regulations

SRT-i27: Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks


Berlin, 29 - 30 June 2017
Registration has been closed

SRT-f10: Metrological quantification of physical, chemical and biological radio-sensitising effects of high-Z nanomaterials

SRT-i07: EMC Intermediate Facilities for Compliance Testing in Industry

SRT-i11: Ultra-sensitive cryogen-free magnetic field sensors for industrial applications

SRT-i16: Metrology for the Factory of the Future

SRT-i24: The European Metrology Cloud - A Digital Quality Infrastructure for innovative products and services in the Digital Single Market

SRT-n04: Establishing standards for calibration of digital sensing systems for acoustics and vibration

SRT-n06: Measurement of the focal spot size on X-ray tubes with spot sizes down to 100 nm


Wuerzburg, 04 July 2017
Registration and contact via e-Mail to Opens window for sending emailHansjoerg.Scherer(at)PTB.de

SRT-f15: The quantum anomalous Hall effect in topological insulators


Berlin, 11 - 12 July 2017
Registration and contact via e-Mail to Opens window for sending emailMarkus.Baer(at)PTB.de

SRT-f01: Large-scale statistical data analysis and computation for metrology

(Beginn (11 July): 13:00, End (12 July): 12:30; at PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg, Siemens building)

Venue (meetings 27th to 30th of June)

The partnering meetings 27th to 30th of June will take place at the traditional site of PTB in Berlin-Charlottenburg (access information and map). The conference desk will be in the foyer of the Hermann-von-Helmholtz-building.

Travel by bus (X9)
The travel by bus from the airport Berlin-Tegel (still active!) to station Ernst-Reuter-Platz takes about 18 min.
The connection is served every 10 min during daytime. It is a 5 min walk from Ernst-Reuter-Platz to PTB.

Initiates file downloadAirport Tegel -> Ernst-Reuter-Platz
Initiates file downloadErnst-Reuter-Platz -> Airport Tegel

Travel by car

If you travel to PTB Berlin by car, please bear in mind that the area around PTB is part of the environmental zone of Berlin. Only vehicles which comply with emission standards are allowed to drive there. You need a vehicle sticker to show that your car complies with these standards (more information, only in German).

Opens external link in new windowCity map Berlin

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms will be equipped with a notebook or a laptop, an LCD projector, and a flip chart. The system software will be either Windows XP or Windows 7. MS Office and Adobe Reader will be available.


Participants are kindly asked to book independently their accommodation. There are several hotels within approx. 10 min walking distance from the PTB premises and close to public transport.

Meals (meetings 27th to 30th of June)

For the meetings 27 - 30 June 2017:

In order to have efficient meetings refreshments, a light dinner (first day) and a lunchtime snack (second day) will be organized on the PTB premises for each block. A conference fee of 75 € per block is asked to cover the costs for meals and refreshments (cf. registration).



The period of registration for the partnering meetings in Berlin (27 - 30 June 2017) and SRT-f03 and SRT-i08has expired on 19th of June!

Nevertheless, the registration tool will be available until 26th of June 8 o'clock. But place in specific meetings cannot be guaranteed from now on due to great demand and limited space. Same is true for unannounced appearances at the meetings.


Registration for SRT-f01 and SRT-f15 see e-mail-contact in section "meetings"