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Utilizing Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing for the Development of Si-based Spin Qubit Devices

Kolloquium der Abteilung 2

Proof-of-concept single- and two-qubit operations have been successfully demonstrated in few spin-qubit devices in both Si and SiGe-based quantum dot (QD) systems. Low device yield, however, has hindered the systematic study of interdependencies between material and qubit properties, and, thereby, scaling toward larger qubit arrays. In this talk, I will present Intel’s approach utilizing advanced process control to provide material and device structures with methodically engineered properties to push toward a better understanding of qubit uniformity, coherence time, and gate fidelities as function of the qubit environment. I will show our progress over the last year integrating isotopically enriched 28-Si into 300 mm-based SiGe\Si and Si films, engineering of our SiGe heterostructures, and utilization of CMOS transistor structures for the development of integrated QD devices on a 300 mm platform.