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PTB automates the functional testing of smart metering systems


Figure 1: SMGW with the networks for the connection user (HAN), the measurement technology (LMN) and the connection to wide area networks (WAN)

Special, certified software is required for the reliable visualisation of consumption data on intelligent metering systems (smart meters).

As part of the digitalisation of the energy transition, such software must meet the requirements of the Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) and the specifications of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the smart meter gateway.

This so-called transparency and display software (TRuDI) was developed by the Federal Display Initiative on this basis and certified by the PTB.

In practice, an end consumer would start this visualisation software on a private PC and connect it to the SMGW, which is accessible via the so-called Home Area Network (HAN), see Figure 1.

In this way, the measured value lists stored in the SMGW can be accessed for specific tariff applications. In addition, derived measured value lists in the form of XML files can also be read in and analysed.

As part of the software testing at PTB, ready-made XML files for certain special cases such as meter changes, critical errors and software updates are loaded into the SMGW in this way and the system response is analysed. This is where automation comes in handy.

For the implementation of such an automation solution, suitable software products must be selected and analysed. The test cases and implementation concepts belonging to the selection procedure were carried out by PTB's WG 8.51 "Metrological Software" as part of a co-operation with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (BHT).

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