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Presentation of the certificate for the Rudolf Jaeckel Prize 2023 to Dr. Karl Jousten (left) by the President of the DVG, Prof. Dr. Ulrich (Photo: R. Jungnickel)

Rudolf-Jaeckel-Preis 2023 for Dr. Karl Jousten

Whether for the realization of the low-temperature scale or for processes in the semiconductor industry: Many applications in physics and technology use vacuum technology, and especially the possibility to measure even the smallest pressures precisely and traceably. For his fundamental work in the field of vacuum pressure measurement, Dr. Karl Jousten received the Rudolf Jaeckel Prize from the German Vacuum Society (DVG e.V.) on September 19. This prize is awarded annually as an honour for outstanding achievements in the field of vacuum science and technology. It recognizes many years of work for the accurate measurement of "nothing" and the traceability of pressure measurement to the International System of Units. As part of this work, improved ionization vacuum gauges were developed as transfer standards, as well as calibration systems for partial pressures and outgassing rates.

The award ceremony will take place during the international conference V2023-Vacuum&Plasma.


Link: https://www.physik.uni-kl.de/dvg/index.php/dvgpreise/rudolf-jaeckel-preis


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