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Layla Riemann and Ariane Fillmer were the lead authors of a research paper entitled "Fourier-based decomposition for simultaneous 2-voxel MRS acquisition with 2SPECIAL published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (MRM), last summer. Their article was later chosen as an MRM Highlights Pick "… because it demonstrated exemplary reproducible research practices; specifically, they shared example data, their vGRAPPA algorithm code, and a demo script, all packaged in a nice Gitlab code repository." In the context of this honor, both authors were interviewed about their work and their personal backgrounds. This interview has now been published on MR Pulse, the official blog of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, the professional society publishing the MRM journal (https://blog.ismrm.org/2023/03/30/qa-with-layla-tabea-riemann-and-ariane-fillmer).

One month later, a second part of the interview was added to the blog, with a specific focus on code-sharing practices (https://blog.ismrm.org/2023/04/26/reproducible-research-insights-with-layla-tabea-riemann-and-ariane-fillmer).


Ariane Fillmer, E-Mail: 📧 Ariane.Fillmer(at)ptb.de


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