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Poster Prize Symposium on Thermophysical Properties 2021


Surface structure generated of random harmonic functions showing a wide angular distribution of reflected radiation in the FIR range. Produced using 3D printing and gold-plating.

Elena Kononogova, PhD student in the working group 7.32 Infrared Radiation Thermometry has won the prize for the best poster at the “Symposium on Thermophysical Properties” in Boulder, which takes place every 3 years, with her poster "Development, Simulation and Realization of a Nearly Lambertian Surface for the FIR Range". In her work, she uses optical ray tracing to search for suitable surface topologies that show the broadest possible angular distribution of the reflected radiation, ideally Lambertian distributed, even in the far infrared range (FIR) up to 200 µm, and which can be manufactured reproducibly. She has identified two suitable candidates, had them produced and, with the help of a THz laser, shown that the angular distribution of the reflected radiation agrees with the simulation results and meets the requirements. In the next step, an integrating sphere for the FIR spectral range is to be created based on this surface structure.


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