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European X-ray Spectrometry Association Prizes for PTB Scientists


Burkhard Beckhoff (at right) at the award ceremony with the President of EXSA Michael Kolbe.

Since 2006, the European X-Ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) has awarded prizes for excellent work in the field of x-ray spectrometry and, since 2010, additionally for the best dissertation in this field of research.

This year, three scientists from PTB's Working Group 7.24, "X-ray Spectrometry", were honored for their work, which for the most part, was conducted at the electron storage ring BESSY II using synchrotron radiation.

This year, Burkhard Beckhoff was awarded with the EXSA Outstanding Achievement Award for the development of reference-free X-ray fluorescence analysis for the characterization of novel materials. In cooperation with his X-ray Spectrometry Working Group, Burkhard Beckhoff put great effort into important research work on new experimental and theoretical methods in the field of X-ray spectrometry. In addition, his work on determining interaction cross-sections with reduced uncertainties for X-ray fluorescence analysis, which are of great importance for applied and industrial research, was honored. He and his French colleague Marie-Christine Lépy from CEA-LNHB are the leaders of the EXSA-supported international initiative on X-ray fundamental parameters.

The two EXSA Young Scientist Awards were also given to two scientists from PTB's X-Ray Spectrometry Working Group this year. During the award ceremony at the European Conference on X-ray Spectrometry (EXRS) 2018, it was a great pleasure for Diane Eichert (coordinator of the EXSA Young Scientist Awards) and Michael Kolbe (President of EXSA) to honor Yves Kayser (at right) with the EXSA Young Scientist Award for his work, in which he demonstrated his excellent research competence both in terms of developing methods and also in interdisciplinary scientific applications. Yves Kayser conducted the vast majority of his work for which he received this award during his doctoral degree and post-doc research at the University of Fribourg and at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland. Following the award ceremony, Yves Kayser gave an invited lecture on his research work at the European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry (EXRS).

Philipp Hönicke (at right) was honored with the EXSA Young Scientist Award for the best dissertation in the field of X-ray spectrometry. In his research, he combined reference-free grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence (GIXRF) with X-ray reflectometry and therefore greatly contributed to the further methodological development of the analytic competence for the characterization of nano-scaled materials by means of X-ray measurement techniques.



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