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Metrology for aerosol optical properties (EMPIR 19ENV04 MAPP)


Figure: Optical radiometers at Izaña Atmospheric Research Center in Teneriffe monitoring aerosol optical properties.

The aim of this project is to enable the SI-traceable measurement of column-integrated aerosol optical properties retrieved from the passive remote sensing of the atmosphere using solar and lunar radiation measurements.

Atmospheric aerosols absorb or scatter solar radiation contributing the largest uncertainty to estimates and interpretations of climate change. Data for aerosol effects on sky radiation is typically collected by optical radiometers which are largely lacking traceability to the SI.

At PTB Saulius Nevas, Kerstin Schwind, Philipp Schneider and Peter Sperfeld are involved in the project. 

The project is coordinated by PMOD, Julian Gröbner

Project partners include 6 NMIs, 3 governmental research institutes, 3 Universities and 1 company

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