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The equal opportunities working group of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) features a physicist and her research to promote the visibility of female physicists in Germany and the world.

Anni Röse from PTB was featured as DPG Physicist of the week in April, 2021. She studied physics in Göttingen, Germany and received her M.S. degree from the Georg-August University in 2018. Since 2019 she has been pursuing a Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering at the Ilmenau University of Technology and is a part of the working group 5.42 “Multiwavelength interferometry for geodetic lengths” at PTB.

One critical issue when surveying large structures like telescopes outdoors is the compensation of the refractivity-induced beam bending in leveling. For this, the temperature gradients in the plane along the line of sight need to be determined. She and her colleagues are currently developing a dispersive optical thermometer. It will be realized by an absolute interferometer with two different colors and a 2f/3f detection scheme for phase detection.

Anni Röse




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