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PTB hosted the 5th International ICRM-LLRMT Conference

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From 22 to 26 September, the 5th ICRM-LLRMT, in which 120 scientists from 25 countries participated, was held at PTB. The abbreviation stands for: International Conference on Radionuclide Metrology-Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques. The focal point of the conference was measuring, analysis and calibration methods for the exact determination of the smallest quantities of radionuclides in environmental samples, industrial products and special samples from the field of fundamental research. Further topics were national and international comparison measurements for improving the quality of radioactivity measurements. As had already been the case with the preceding conferences, this event served to further scientific intercommunication among the participants from different areas, such as national metrology institutes, universities, research centres and radioactivity-measuring laboratories. The approx. 100 contributions will be published in the journal APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES as a conference transcript.


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