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Technologies, Applications & Low Uncertainty with Integrating Spheres & Diffuse Reflectance Materials

Kolloquium der Abteilung 4

The technology of integrating spheres and diffuse materials continues to be a challenging and interesting endeavor largely centered on solutions in radiometry. Low uncertainty and challenging measurement levels demand interaction and collaboration with the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) around the world. We will be discussing efforts with the national labs in the following areas:

-      Demand for low uncertainty on earth observation directly translates to unprecedented <1% uncertainty budgets on ambient and vacuum Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE) for calibration prior to launch.

-      Sensor fusion for remote sensing creating a need for a new traceable 0.3-14um spectral radiance calibration.

-      Improvements in diffuse material performance, expanded applications and lower uncertainties for space, vicarious calibration and autonomous vehicles.

-      New applications in lasers for directed energy applications, commercial electronics and large-scale physics (gravity waves).

-      Extremely precise and wide-band spectrally-tuneable reproduction systems.

-      Progress towards a hyperspectral standard in the IEEE P4001.

-   Industry demand for low uncertainty metrology and uncertainty for UV and SWIR region light source measurements.