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Metrology and the Nature journals - FÄLLT AUS (wird zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nachgeholt)

Kolloquium der Abteilung 7

After a brief introduction to Nature Research - the Springer Nature brand behind the Nature journals as well as a suite of services to scientists - we will provide an overview of the inner workings of Nature journals, focusing on Nature Communications and Nature Physics. We will provide insights into the editorial process at these journals, explaining the roles of editors and discussing editorial criteria for publication. We will also give some advice on how to present research in writing and what to keep in mind when planning to submit a paper. We will discuss coverage of metrology in Nature journals. Nature Physics has a dedicated column on metrology, called “Measure for Measure”, which will be showcased as well. Finally, we will reflect on the value Nature Research aims to bring to the scientific community, as well as on the ever-evolving role of scientific publishers.