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Final Public Workshop for stakeholders and industry ComTraForce

Comprechensive Traceability for force metrology services

Many industries, such as automotive, civil engineering and aviation, rely on material and mechanical testing to ensure the quality and safety of their products, however in these applications the measurement of force does not take into account the time and frequency influences and the traceability path is missing. ComTraForce project deals with the development of methods and transfer standards for static, continuous and dynamic force calibration traceable to the SI. In addition to the time and frequency influences, parasitic effects from temperature and multicomponent force measurement were investigated.

Aspects to be discussed in the workshop comprise

  • Advanced practical model for describing force measuring devices used for the measurement of static, continuous and dynamic forces
  • Development of Digital Twin concept for force measurement device
  • Traceability chain for metrological services by implementing new improved methods to consider static, continuous and dynamic force calibrations
  • Project contribution to testing machine standards and force calibration methods
  • Future developments in the field of continuous and dynamic calibration

Besides various presentations given by the project experts video materials showcasing the newly developed calibration procedures for continuous as well as dynamic forces will be presented. An one hour Q&A session is planned to discuss stakeholders needs as well as the ways for uptake of the project results.