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EMN Advanced Manufacturing Annual General Meeting and Open Stakeholder Workshop

During the Annual General Meeting of the EMN for Advanced Manufacturing an Open Stakeholder Meeting will be held with presentations from key stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities in advanced manufacturing for metrology.

All are welcome to attend this hybrid event.

See agenda and registration information below.

<media 34769 _top media "TEXT, EMN Advance Manu SH Meeting Agenda 2022-10-10, EMN_AdvanceManu_SH_Meeting_Agenda_2022-10-10.pdf, 112 KB">Initiates file downloadAgenda Open Stakeholder Meeting.pdf </media>

If you would like to attend in person at NPL in Teddington, please register here:


If you would like to attend online please register here:


Microsoft Teams links will be sent out in advance of the meeting.