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Workshop on Reference Nanomaterials

The workshop provides a forum for discussion on progress in development, characterization and application of reference nanomaterials. Results of recently finished national and international research projects will be presented. Moreover, the need for future developments will be addressed.

Experts from academia, research institutes, regulatory bodies and industry working or interested in the area of reference nanomaterials.

Confirmed presentations:
Contributions from JRC, VCI, BAuA, BAM, PTB, and others on the following topics:
- JRC survey on benchmark nanomaterials
- The NanoDefine project and “NanoDefiner” e-Tool
- OECD Test Guideline on particle size & size distribution of Manufactured Nanomaterials
- Health issues of micro- and nanoscale high aspect ratio materials (HARM):
   Need for reference materials and testing standards
- Shape controlled TiO2 nanoparticles as candidates for nano-CRM’s
- Challenges of synthesis and analysis of core-shell nanoparticles for reference materials
- and more …

Workshop Structure:
The main focus of the first day is on reference material needs and development, while the second day will focus on reference material characterization and standardization. The workshop will consist of presentations and discussions, poster session, lab tour and a get-together at the end of the 1st day.

Call for Abstracts:
Abstracts for oral or poster presentation can be submitted via the link below.
Please submit your abstract, max 1 page, by March 16, 2018.  Presentations will be made available as a PTB report.

The program will be available via the link below by March 22.

Registration and Workshop Fees:
130€ for both days, 80€ for one day