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12th UPOB Workshop 2024 - Asphere Metrology

In the field of asphere metrology, many new advancements have been achieved, new measurement procedures developed and precision noticeably improved. In previous High-Level Expert Meetings (HLEM) and workshops, developers, manufacturers and users have confirmed their great interest in asphere metrology.

In order to manufacture ultra-precise and high-tech optical components and be capable of further miniaturization, reliable and extremely precise measurement technology is required. Both the introduced measurement systems as well as the results of round robin measurements show the enormous potential in this field of technology. In addition, a great need for comparability, standardization and proximity to users is also necessary.

The Asphere Workshop, March 12-13, is dedicated to the presentation of measurement results of current lenses (4 parts), discussion and dissemination of new developments and recent scientific results in asphere and free form metrology for reflective and transmissive surfaces. In addition, lectures on the assembly of optical systems and Free-Form and Space Optics will be held. With this broader scope we aim to supplement our previous events while also addressing asphere and free form metrology to interested scientists, developers and manufacturers.

The workshop is structured into the following sessions:

  • Assembly of Optical Systems
  • Free-Form and Space Optics
  • Measurements on current HLEM samples

The conference is paired with the industrial exhibition Messe W3+ Fair in Wetzlar.

Participation is only possible for registered participants.

Please visit the CC UPOB e.V. website for more details on the event and registration: