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In thermometry, metrology ensures:
the realization, dissemination and the further development of the international temperature scales; thermophysical quantities related with it; and the provision of national standards for thermal energy:

  1. According to the Units and Time Act: Realization and dissemination of the international temperature scales ITS-90 and PLTS-2000 at the highest metrological level; research and development of improved measurement procedures and practically manageable thermometers in the technologically relevant areas

  2. "Absolute" thermometry for the measurement of thermodynamic temperature in accordance with primary procedures, with the aim of improving the agreement of the above-mentioned scales with the thermodynamic temperature; this is important in particular for the realization of the temperature scales after the intended redefinition of the SI base unit "kelvin" by the determination of the Boltzmann constant

  3. Realization and dissemination of the scale for thermal energy and technology transfer to industry

  4. Calibration and testing of contacting and contact-free thermometers, fixed-point cells, standard samples, temperature radiators, filter radiometers, thermography cameras, heat meters as well as emissivity measurements.