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Photometry and radiometry


On the basis of the Units and Time Act, the central task of this subject area is the realization and dissemination of radiometric and photometric units. The metrological basis of radiometry is thereby detector primary standards. In particular:

  1. Detector-based and source-based photometry, colorimetry, spectroradiometry and laser radiometry. Fundamental investigations in the field of single photon sources and detectors; development of novel measurement technology and traceable measurement procedures for innovative narrow-band light and radiation sources, of procedures and measuring set-ups for the characterization and calibration of imaging light and radiation metrology and for photovoltaics

  2. Detector-based radiometry in the wavelength range above 200 nm on the basis of spectrally resolved radiant power measurements with detector primary standards, in particular for photometry and absolute radiation thermometry

  3. Source-based and detector-based radiometry, reflectometry, spectrometry and nanometrology, using synchrotron radiation of the storage rings "Metrology Light Source" (MLS) and "BESSY II" in the THz, IR, UV, VUV, EUV and X-ray ranges

  4. Reflection and transmission measurements in the most diverse geometries (diffuse, directed, goniometric) for industrial metrology, manufacture and quality assurance as well as applications in research; spectrophotometric measurements, in particular on novel structures and functional surfaces.