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Metrology in chemistry and properties of substances


The subject area "Metrology in Chemistry and Properties of Substances" covers the metrological traceability of chemical-analytic measurements, the traceable determination of gas properties and of the gas state behaviour and of properties of substances in accordance with the Units and Time Act. The tasks derived from it are classified as follows:

  1. Traceability of chemical-analytical measurements in inorganic and bio-organic chemistry as well as in electrochemistry; work is focused on the fields "clinical chemistry", "environmental protection" and "energy"

  2. Ensuring the traceability of gas phase analysis with respect to the chemical composition and suspended particles (aerosols); determination of chemical-physical properties of gases: gas humidity, calorific value and state behaviour of energy gases; development of new gas-analytical primary procedures on a spectrometric basis, traceable determination of the reference spectral data required for that purpose and aerosol diagnostics; further development of gas calorimetry and the reconstruction of calorific values in gas distribution networks

  3. Ensuring traceability of the measurements of chemical-physical substance properties of solids and liquids: grain moisture, density of solids and liquids and caloric quantities; high-precision determination of substance properties for the fundamentals of metrology: redefinition of the Avogadro constant, purity of materials for fixed-point cells in thermometry; determination of chemical-physical substance data for new liquid energy carriers.