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Metrology for medicine


The field of "Medical Physics" deals with biomedical measurement procedures in metrology. On the basis of the Medical Devices Act, this covers the carrying out of metrological controls, the performance of safety assessments, the development of reference procedures, and the investigation of new measurement procedures. These tasks are usually performed in close cooperation with medical partners, who bring in clinical questions and requirements, and who are able to assess the clinical relevance of the technical developments. The activities comprise:

  1. Development of new medical measurement procedures in Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging and Spectroscopy in the case of high magnetic field strengths

  2. Development of quantitative MR procedures

  3. Metrology of magnetic nanoparticles for medical diagnostics and therapy

  4. Development of highly sensitive magnetic measurement technologies and measurement procedures, near-infrared spectroscopy and functional imaging in vivo as well as quantitative fluorescence and molecular imaging

  5. Development of reference measurement procedures for laboratory medicine (cell and particle counting) as well as determination of reference measurement values within the scope of the external quality assurance of medical laboratories.