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Mathematics and metrological information technology


The spectrum of the activities in the subject area "Mathematics" ranges from consultancy services and associated research work to fundamental research in applied mathematics and statistics. The activities are typically performed in cooperation with experimental groups of PTB or external partners (e.g. from industry or other national metrology institutes).

The tasks of Metrological Information Technology comprise, on the one hand, cross-sectional tasks in the field of information technology in metrology and, on the other hand – according to the German Gaming Ordinance – the type approval of cash gaming machines and the associated special tasks.

Specific tasks:

  1. Numerical and analytical modelling of physical processes in metrology, with the focal points "analysis" and "numerics" of partial differential equations, solving of inverse problems and modelling of non-linear, complex systems

  2. Development of statistical procedures for the evaluation of measurements in metrology with the following focal points: "Fundamentals of measurement uncertainty determination", "Bayesian procedures", "signal processing" and "evaluation procedures for key comparisons and other interlaboratory comparisons"

  3. Consultancy services and advanced training for practice-oriented measurement uncertainty, preparation of directives and Europe-wide coordination of activities for the above-mentioned fields of work, representation in the relevant national and international committees

  4. Cross-sectional tasks in the field of testing and consultation for the use of complex information and communication technologies (ICT) in measuring systems in legal metrology

  5. Development and implementation of system architectures and procedures for ensuring the metrological requirements of ICT-based measuring systems, in particular in the case of innovative approaches of industry

  6. Elaboration of recommended procedures for industry, conformity assessment bodies, and market and user surveillance organizations at the national, European and international levels

  7. Software validation for metrology

  8. Testing, approval and consultancy services in the field of cash gaming machines.