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Ionizing radiation


In accordance with the Units and Time Act, the Atomic Act, the Radiation Protection Act and the Radiation Protection and X-ray Decree, this subject area assumes tasks such as the reliable realization, maintenance and dissemination of the measurands associated with ionizing radiation. This ensures the basis for confidence in the correct measurement and interpretation of radiation characteristics in this sector which is often discussed controversially in society.

  1. Realization and dissemination of the SI units of activity, particle fluence, air kerma, absorbed dose to water and dose equivalent at the highest metrological level; research and development of new and improved primary and secondary standards

  2. Further development of the reference radiation fields, of the metrological infrastructure and of special detectors; development of measurement procedures for dosimetry in X-ray diagnostics, radiation therapy and in radiation protection

  3. Type approvals of area dosemeters, personal dosemeters and dosemeters for radiodiagnostics for photon radiation. Type examination of X-ray (interference) tube assemblies; testing of computing programs for the dose measurement of flight personnel; operation of the IMIS trace survey station.

  4. Determination and evaluation of nuclear and atomic data (cross sections, branching ratios, half-lives, emission probabilities, photon interaction coefficients) as base data for metrological applications; Monte Carlo model calculations, e.g. for the calculation of the response of standard facilities, for plasma diagnostics in fusion research, for corrections in gamma spectrometry, and for particle track structures in micro- and nanodosimetry

  5. National and international measurement comparisons and radiation measurements in the environment.