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Acoustics, ultrasound, acceleration


In this subject area, metrological issues involving the realization and dissemination of dynamic mechanical units are dealt with. Based on the requirements of the Units and Time Act, the Measures and Verification Act, the Weapons Act, the Act on the Proof Testing of Arms and Ammunition, the Medical Devices Act and the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), various scientific activities are performed and a great number of socially and economically necessary calibrations, tests and approvals are carried out with the highest accuracy and reliability in order to meet the needs of industry. To cover current and future requirements, the following tasks are carried out:

  1. Development of interferometric standard facilities for the realization and dissemination of the SI unit for acceleration (translatory und rotatory)

  2. Development of reference devices for the multi-purpose- and real-time- capable measurement of the velocity of vehicles as well as support in the introduction of new velocity measuring procedures

  3. Development, provision and extension of procedures for the calibration and testing of microphones, hydrophones, ear simulators and other acoustic and audiological standards

  4. Development and application of procedures to determine the acoustic output parameters of all kinds of sound and ultrasound sources in different technical and medical applications; development of a metrological basis for highly intensive therapeutic ultrasonic fields

  5. Fundamental investigations and application to the measurement procedures of applied acoustics, in particular in the field of sound power and the quantities derived from it

  6. Type approval of sound level meters and sound calibrators and fundamental investigations associated with it; accreditation and assessment of accredited calibration laboratories.