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Dynamic mixing of test gases

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PTBnews 3.2022
Especially interesting for

manufacturers and users of gas sensors

approval and calibration of gas metering and analysis devices

CAD representation of the gas-mixing device

The use of gas sensors and their calibration has become increasingly important for the monitoring of facilities and for health protection. For example, CO2 sensors are used for monitoring air quality in order to prevent virus transmission. To calibrate these sensors, test gas mixtures are required where the ratio of the relevant component can be dynamically adjusted, especially in the range from 400 ppm to 2000 ppm. An innovative procedure developed at PTB includes a device for mixing a matrix gas and an admixed gas using critically operated nozzles. The mixing ratio of a binary test or calibration gas is determined via pressure measurements on two nozzles only. (Technology Offer 546)


calibration of CO2 and other gas sensors with a continuously adjustable concentration ratio, as well as the possibility of carrying out linearity tests

simple procedure

cost-efficient setup

low consumption of matrix and admixed gas

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