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The Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ)

Architectural sketch of the new QTZ building in Braunschweig
Architectural sketch of the new
QTZ building in Braunschweig

Only very few people have so far become accustomed to the phenomena of the quantum world. Yet the technologies that come out of this world are to be used by everyone. PTB is therefore specifically expanding its fundamental research and its highly specialized services to include a Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ) that focusses on applications. Work on setting up this center began in 2019, and the QTZ is going to form an important basis for industrial developments of quantum technologies. Special focus will be placed on start-ups as well as on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The conditions at PTB are ideal for such a center of competence. For one thing, PTB’s technical competence in diverse fields of quantum technology is recognized internationally. For another, supporting Germany’s economy in the metrology sector is a primary part of PTB’s legal mandate. Apart from the technical competence in its various laboratories, PTB can also rely on its excellent infrastructure. It has, for instance, the Clean Room Center at its Braunschweig site and the Core Facility specializing in the “Metrology of Ultra- Low Magnetic Fields” in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

PTB is going one step further with the QTZ: User facilities with technical equipment, measuring facilities and demonstrators are being set up there to support industry. This is being supplemented with offices for PTB’s partners and customers to use on a temporary basis while they are at the QTZ. Robustness and user-friendliness are both of primary importance here. The measuring facilities supported by PTB’s staff and its infrastructure are to be available for use by external partners for the development of different quantum technologies. Moreover, the QTZ will offer hands-on training and seminars on quantum technologies. Other important activities are communicating the possibilities and boundaries of quantum technologies to the public as well as developing technical standards.

In Berlin, the QTZ will be located in the newly built Walther Meissner Building from 2021 onwards. At PTB in Braunschweig, a new building will be constructed for the QTZ. It is due to be completed in 2024. This new building will be named after two scientists from PTB’s predecessor, the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt (Imperial Physical Technical Institute), whose measurements of the radiation of blackbodies at the end of the 19th century significantly contributed to the discovery of quantum physics: Otto Lummer and Ernst Pringsheim.

Opening early 2023
Opening early 2023