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Smart City

Kalasatama – a new district in Helsinki – is acting as an experimental laboratory for tomorrow’s sustainable and smart city. (Fig.: Adobe Stock / Lev Karavanov)

The city of the future is characterized by measurement networks that ensure the sustainable supply of water, heat and energy and that provide relevant data as regards light and noise pollution, air quality and climate-related parameters. The networks form complex systems in which AI-aided methods are used to acquire the measurement data. This poses new systems-level challenges in areas traditionally dealt with by PTB such as uncertainty assessment, measurement frequencies and calibration. Within the scope of interdisciplinary projects, PTB is looking to conduct research on how these networks can be integrated into the urban habitat and on what new metrological issues may arise with respect not only to the network topologies but also to the preparation and communication of measurement data for use by society. Experts in urban development, engineering, communication sciences and ethics will be involved in this project.