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DCC User Forum

DCC User Forum - getting started with digital calibration certificates

Conventional calibration certificates could soon be a thing of the past. Metrology institutes and calibration laboratories worldwide could in future use "digital calibration certificates" (DCC) instead of analog versions. Above all, machine readability would significantly support manufacturing and quality monitoring processes, where digitalization is becoming increasingly prevalent. 

Several international groups are working on DCC projects for developing practical examples and implementing software tools. This is of great importance for the establishment of DCC in the metrological infrastructure and beyond.

An overview of general information on the DCC can be found here: Opens external link in new windowhttps://ptb.de/dcc

You have basic questions about the DCC XML schema, its use and interpretation? You've started working with DCCs and seek other users to have conversation with? You want to discuss your ideas and developments based on DCCs with other colleagues outside your institute? You want to learn what others are working on in the area of DCC?

Then, the novel "DCC User Forum" is the right format and location for you. The User Forum is a free offer to meet other developers and users of DCC in a friendly and open environment. 

For expert questions, issues with the XML schema or other more detailed questions, we have set up a public repository:

Opens external link in new windowhttps://gitlab.com/ptb/dcc

where you can post issues for the DCC core development team.

Dates and time slots for the DCC User Forum

The DCC User Forum takes place every week. 

every Wednesday, 9 am  CET (8 am UTC)

every Wednesday, 4 pm CET (3 pm UTC)

No registration is required. Simply visit

Opens external link in new windowconf.dfn.de/webapp/

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Upcoming: Summary of questions and answers from the DCC User Forum