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Into the Future with Metrology - The Challenges of Digitalization

Joint IMEKO TC6 and OIML DTG online seminar on blockchain technologies in metrology

In recent years, several initiatives have been started to investigate the potential use of distributed ledger, also known as blockchain, technologies in metrology. Proposed applications range from making traceability in calibration hierarchies more transparent and efficient to distributed infrastructures for processes in the quality infrastructure.

The Opens external link in new windowIMEKO TC6 "Digitalisation" and the Opens external link in new windowOIML "Digitalisation Task Group" jointly organize an online seminar on this topic on 29th March 2023 11 - 14 UTC.

The aim is to bring together experts and interested colleagues from metrology, legal metrology and the general quality infrastructure for an exchange and discussion on this topic. It is also intend to take this webinar as a starting point for a regular exchange aiming for a harmonization and interoperability of developments in the long run.

The seminar will contain the following presentations

  1. Opens external link in new windowPTB, Germany: From the European Metrology Cloud to an international QI Cloud
  2. Opens external link in new windowRandom Red, Croatia: Metroracle - Digital Traceability Pyramid and Measuring Device as Blockchain Oracle
  3. Opens external link in new windowEBSI, European Commission: pan-European SSI/digital identity
  4. Opens external link in new windowNMI-A, Australia: National blockchain development initiative for legal metrology
  5. Opens external link in new windowNPL, United Kingdom: Blockchain applications in metrology and advanced manufacturing
  6. Opens external link in new windowEUROLAB, International: Blockchain technologies for laboratories


Participation in the seminar is free of charge. You only have to register with your name and email address to receive the calendar invite with the meeting URL.

Registration is open from 10th January to 24th March 2023

2023 IMEKO-OIML Online Seminar Blockchain

Registration for joint IMEKO TC6 and OIML DTG seminar 2023
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