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Into the Future with Metrology - The Challenges of Digitalization

Digitalisation - Core Objective 2

PTB participates in the sustainable usability of research results and data

Data-driven research and business can only be implemented if reliable data are accessible and sustainably usable. Accordingly, research funders are increasingly demanding that research results be properly documented, archived over the long term and made publicly accessible, if possible free of charge. These data management requirements are summarised by the acronym FAIR Data: Data should be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. 

Research Data Management

One PTB objective is: Data-based research and development with assured quality and reproducibility. For this reason, PTB is engaged, among other things, in a comprehensive concept for research data management. Within the framework of individual consultations, PTB researchers can obtain information on request on all tasks connected with research data management: Creation of data management plans, documentation of the work steps, data storage and publication, selection of file and metadata formats.


Contact person:

Giacomo Lanza, PTB-Library, phone: (0531) 592-813, e-mail: Opens window for sending emailGiacomo.Lanza(at)ptb.de

National Research Data Infrastructure

To promote the sustainable usability of research results not only within its own institution but also between research partners and industry, PTB is strongly involved in the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) project. It is intended to systematically develop, sustainably secure and make accessible the data stocks of science and research and to network them internationally.